Which GCP certification is easy?

Google Cloud Associate certified The associate certification is intended for beginners in GCP. So professionals and students can get a certificate to start in GCP. To obtain this Associate Cloud Engineer certification, you will need to appear in an exam.

Is GCP hard to learn?

Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals – Learn GCP If you have some knowledge of Cloud computing and have previously used AWS it is not difficult for you to learn Google Cloud Platform and this course makes it even easier. Enterprises are going multi-cloud. Knowing one cloud is NOT enough anymore.

How long does it take to complete Google Cloud certification?

Get Google Cloud Certified in 3 months.

Is Google Cloud easier than AWS?

While Google Cloud Platform surpasses AWS in price and flexibility, AWS scores best in terms of global reach, providing many more data centers worldwide.

Are Google Cloud Certifications free?

Popular tech giant Google has launched a new free online course that helps IT professionals upskill in Cloud technology. The course enables learners to build skills in containers, big data and machine learning models on Google Cloud.

Which is the best Google certification?

Here are the best Google certification courses:

  • Google IT Support Professional Certificate.
  • Data Engineering with Google Cloud Professional Certificate.
  • Firebase on Weekends.
  • Google Cloud Platform Basics: Central Infrastructure (Coursera)
  • Android Basics by Google.
  • Administrative Specialization G Suite.

Are Google Cloud certification worth it?

The certification is an official document that proves that you passed the exam, which requires an understanding and knowledge of Google Cloud Platform and its products and requires proper study, as well as experience, so from that perspective, it is worth it.

Which cloud certification should I get?

Here are the top six cloud certifications:

  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. …
  • CompTIA Cloud + Certification. …
  • Cloud Cisco CCNA. …
  • Microsoft Azure Solutions Certified Architect Expert. …
  • Cloud Security Certified Professional (CCSP) …
  • Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect.

Is Google Cloud easy to learn?

It has proven to be a worthwhile competitor in the cloud market with its strong analytical and machine learning capabilities. And many cloud-native firms are opting for GCP over Azure and AWS. … But jumping into Google Cloud is not necessarily easy to learn.

How do I pass Google Cloud certification exam?

Preparing for your Google Cloud certification exam

  • Take the relevant learning path on Cloud Academy. …
  • Get hands-on practice on Google Cloud Platform. …
  • Review the outline in the exam guide (as the Data Engineer exam guide) and check for any knowledge gaps.

How do I get cloud certified?

If you are modern to cloud, I recommend the following steps:

  • Choose a cloud. …
  • Obtain original technical certification at associate level. …
  • Build a portfolio to get the upper hand on the basics. …
  • Apply, and keep learning.

Does Google Cloud require coding?

As mentioned, platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform offer numerous services, many of which do not require you to code.