What does a Google Analytics tracking code look like?

Measurement ID uses the G-XXXXXXX format, and identifies the data stream sending data to your Google Analytics 4 property.

What can be tracked with Google Analytics?

What can Google Analytics do?

  • See how many users are on your site right now. …
  • From which cities and countries your users visit. …
  • Find out what devices your audience is using. …
  • Find your audience interests. …
  • The channels that travel the most. …
  • Save your marketing campaigns. …
  • Track how users navigate your site.

How do I find my tracking code?

What is tracking ID number?

Tracking numbers are useful for knowing the location of time-sensitive deliveries. It is a unique identification number or code assigned to a package or parcel. The tracking number is typically printed on the shipping label as a barcode scannable by anyone with a barcode reader or smartphone.

Where do I find my Google Analytics tracking code?

Find your Spur ID and global website tag

  • Log in to your Analytics account.
  • Click Admin.
  • Select an account from the menu in the ACCOUNT column.
  • Select a property from the menu in the PROPERTY column.
  • Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Information> Tracking Code. Your Tracking ID is displayed at the top of the page.

How do I put a tracking code on my website?


  • Introduction.
  • 1Get your tracking code in your marketing automation tool.
  • 2Place your global footer in your content management system.
  • 3 When you have found your tracking code and located your global footer, copy and paste your tracking code into the footer.

Where do I find my Google Analytics 2021 tracking ID?

I use a property from Google Analytics 4. How do I find my Measurement ID (i.e. & quot; G- & quot; ID)?

  • In Admin, make sure you have selected the desired account and property.
  • In the Real Estate column, click Data Flows, then click Your Site Data Flow. Your “G-” Measurement ID appears in the upper right part of the panel.

What are Google tracking codes?

The Google Analytics Tracking Code allows Google to quickly scan data on every page of your website and return it to your Analytics report for the best and most accurate data to date. To find your tracking ID, (UA-XXXXX-Y), click Admin, select Custom Settings, then Tracking Information> Tracking Code.

How do you use a tracking code?

Tracking codes can be used to retrieve data about access to a website, traffic, Click Route or other KPIs. To track user behavior, the codes must be included in the HTML source code. To read the data, corresponding software such as Google Analytics must be linked to the respective website.

What Cannot be collected by the default Analytics tracking code?

A user’s favorite website cannot be collected using Analytics ’default tracking code. Explanation: There is not any option in the Google Analytics interface to identify the data on User’s favorite website.