In this video, I’ll show you what the tool looks like, and share two of my personal favorite ways to do keyword research using SEMRush! I also help you understand who is this tool best suited for and how soon can you recover the cost of the tool!

Link for the SEMRush Free Trial –

0:00 – Intro
0:48 – SEMRush Dashboard Overview
2:00 – 1st Method for Keyword Research
5:45 – Using Questions
9:46 – Domain Overview Tool
11:58 – 2nd Method for Keyword Research
13:12 – Bonus Method for Keyword Research
15:24 – SEMRush Pricing & Is It Worth It?
16:55 – Drawback of SEMRush
17:26 – How to Save Money on SEMRush
18:23 – Why I Think It Is Worth It?
20:04 – Closure

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