Making a WordPress website has never been easier. In this Divi tutorial, I show you step by step how to create a professional WordPress website using the most popular Divi Theme.

We will dive deep into all the features of the Divi theme, import a pre-made layout (made by professional designers), and adjust them to our wishes and we will talk about placing the right text on the homepage so your visitors will take action on your website.

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Divi Tutorial Timestamps

00:00 Intro
00:17 Overview
11:06 The 4 Steps We Will Take

11:37 Get A Domain Name And Webhosting
20:01 Install WordPress

23:04 The Front End Of WordPress
24:04 The Backend Of WordPress
27:01 WordPress Themes
27:48 WordPress Plugins
29:03 Create A Site Title
31:55 Make Your Website Secure Using SSL
33:32 Configure The Permalinks
35:10 Configure Your Profile
36:15 Get A Gravatar Account
37:06 Add Pages To Your Website

41:49 Get The Divi Theme
46:49 Install The Divi Theme
48:16 Add A Logo To Your Website
48:27 Use The Same Images I Use In The Tutorial
49:45 Configure Your Color Palette
51:07 Connect Social Media To Your Site
51:49 Get Auto Updates or Divi
54:02 Configure The Header

The Divi Visual Builder
58:26 Open The Divi Visual Builder
01:03:09 The Divi Panel
01:08:52 Import Pre Made Layouts
01:16:31 The Layer Option
01:17:44 Learn From The Best
01:22:05 Free Images At Pixabay
01:36:27 Create A Divider
01:40:23 What To Tell Your Visitors?
01:43:58 Adjust The Color Palette

01:54:48 Make Your Website Responsive
02:00:16 Reduce The Size Of Images
02:02:35 Duplicate A Section
02:10:20 Create An Animation With CSS
02:12:53 Add Animations In Divi
02:16:16 Adjust The Colors
02:25:06 Change The Number Of Rows In A Section

The Theme Customizer
02:26:00 Use A Boxed Layout
02:34:25 Use Different Headers
02:37:40 Make Your Header Transparent
02:39:47 Use CSS to Change The Fixed Logo
02:43:13 Add and Configure The Top Header

The About Page
02:45:52 Use A Pre Made Layout
02:50:07 Copy And Paste Styles From Other Pages
02:50:55 Extend Styles Throughout The Website
02:53:10 Find And Replace Colors
02:54:20 Edit 2 Modules At The Same Time

The Services Page
02:59:44 Import A Pre Made Layout
03:00:44 Add A Video To The Background
03:03:48 Add A Youtube Video In The Background
03:06:46 Copy Specific Styles From A Module
03:07:50 Adjust Multiple Modules

03:11:48 Create A Case Studies Page
03:12:33 Create A BlogPost and BlogPage

The Contact Page
03:13:18 Create A Contact Page From Scratch
03:23:41 Add A Contact Form In Divi

03:27:50 Split Testing
03:33:14 Create A Global Item
03:36:01 Build A Custom Header Using Divi
03:57:22 Divi and WooCommerce
04:01:56 Import A Shop Page Template
04:03:31 Make The Header Sticky

04:05:06 Extra Plugins
04:09:35 Thank You

This is a WordPress tutorial for beginners. If you have no prior experience or know nothing about coding and you still want to have an amazing end result, this tutorial is a great fit for you.

Feel free to like this video and comment if you have any questions or feedback.