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In this video, I’ll take you through the ins and outs of SEMrush, showcasing why it’s one of my go-to resources for keyword discovery and strategy. This video is not a complete walkthrough of every Semrush feature, it’s a focus on how I use Semrush and which features I use in my own workflow.

What’s Inside:
SEMrush Overview: Explore the various features of SEMrush that make it a powerhouse for keyword research. From search volume analysis to competition metrics, discover how SEMrush gives you a competitive edge.

Exporting to Google Sheets: Learn why I prefer to export SEMrush data into Google Sheets for further analysis. I’ll share tips on organizing data, customizing analysis, and uncovering hidden keyword opportunities with advanced spreadsheet techniques.

Leveraging Looker Studio for Tracking: Discover the advantages of using Looker Studio for keyword tracking. I’ll guide you through setting up dashboards, interpreting data, and how it complements the insights gained from SEMrush and Google Sheets.

0:00 Intro
0:12 Keyword Magic Tool
4:14 Keyword Overview Report
5:56 Keyword Manager
7:39 Position Tracking & Looker Studio
8:38 Keyword Gap
12:12 Using Google Sheets To Analyze Keywords

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