We do a review of chatgpt + bing and discuss why chatgpt web browsing sucks for now.
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In this insightful video, we put ChatGPT-Bing through its paces to test its efficiency and usability. From handling simple browsing tasks to processing complex, long, and advanced prompts, we’ve got it all covered! Our primary focus is to determine how well it transcends the boundaries of ChatGPT’s default capacities.

We found that while the integration shows a lot of promise, there’s room for improvement, particularly with sophisticated prompts and intricate web browsing tasks. Nonetheless, it excels in simpler web browsing functions and efficient information extraction, making it a worthy addition to the arsenal of AI tools.

Stay tuned until the end of the video as we dive deeper into the workings of the ChatGPT-Bing integration and share our recommendations for its enhancement.

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