Apple announced “Apple Intelligence” at WWDC 2024, its name for a new suite of AI features for the iPhone, Mac, and more. The new AI features will be able to do things for you in apps like manage your notifications, automatically write things for you, or summarize text in mail and other apps. We also got a look at “Genmoji,” a new feature that will generate emoji-like reactions on the fly. ChatGPT 4o will also come to iOS, macOS, and iPadOS “later this year,” as a chatbot that Siri can turn to when it’s not able to do what you ask. Here’s all the AI announcements you missed. #Apple #WWDC #Technology

0:00 Apple Intelligence overview
1:51 privacy
2:39 Siri + Apple Intelligence
4:40 Apple Intelligence writing tools
5:45 Notifications + Apple Intelligence
6:10 Genmoji
6:40 Image Playground
7:47 Image Wand
8:32 Photos + Apple Intelligence
9:28 Audio Transcription + Apple Intelligence
10:05 ChatGPT + Apple Intelligence

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